Would You Like to Stop Feeling Tired All The Time? Here are 8 Ways to Combat Fatigue


Have you drained your tank to the point that you’re running on empty? Do you need some tips to avoid dozing off? Here’s how to re-energize yourself in a short amount of time.

Are your eyes drooping from exhaustion? There are many potential reasons: it might be the morning after the night before, you might suffer from insomnia, or you might have eaten a little too much at your last meal. Luckily, there are eight things you can do right now to fight your fatigue and supercharge your energy levels.

1. Go outdoors

Regardless of whether you’re in the office or at home — pull on a coat, leave the building, and take a few minutes to walk around the block. Rain, snow, or shine. Exercise in the fresh air is the best possible remedy for tiredness and lethargy. You’ll be amazed at what a blast of fresh air can do. If the time isn’t available for a walk, a dose of fresh air can also work wonders; simply open a window as far as it goes for a few minutes, and enjoy several deep breaths in and out.

2. Drink, drink, and drink some more

Provided that the drinks are of the non-alcoholic variety! Your body water percentage varies between 50% and 80% depending on age. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself topped up. Ideally by drinking between two and three liters of still water or unsweetened tea every day. Failing to drink enough can result in lethargy and an inability to concentrate. These symptoms are due to the slight dehydration which has already set in by the time you feel thirsty. Keep a handle on your hydration by always placing a full bottle of water on your desk and emptying it not just once but several times each day. A good rule of thumb is to drink 250 ml of water every hour. Sparkling water is OK as an occasional treat. But soda contains too much sugar and too many calories and is always best avoided.

3. Turn on the taps!

What’s the best way to tackle tiredness quickly and immediately? A hot and cold shower which kicks your circulation into high gear. What about if you’re stuck in the office or forced to endure yet another visit to the in-laws, and a shower is out of the question? Not a problem — simply visit the bathroom and splash ice-cold water on your face and wrists for a similarly reinvigorating effect.

4. Fitness versus fatigue

Does exercise help combat exhaustion? In a word, yes. And you can join forces with a colleague during your lunch hour to incorporate a workout into your working day, either in the office, in the conference room, or on the roof terrace. 20 minutes are more than enough to get the blood flowing and increase the level of oxygen in your body. And the good news is that you’ll erase all traces of tiredness and find it much easier to concentrate on your work.

Evening workouts are another great way to banish listlessness. No matter what your inner couch potato tries to tell you. Exercise will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, as well as proud of yourself for having benefited your body.

5. But don’t forget to stretch

Here are some exercises which will revive you quickly if you are flagging; get up from your desk, stand up straight, and stretch your arms as high above your head as you can. Bend and stretch your entire body, trying to make yourself as long as you can, and pull some faces at the same time. Then try to touch the floor with your fingertips. Stand up straight again, and circle the hips, shoulders, and wrists. As well as combating fatigue, if you’re sitting down all day then the movement and variety will do your body good.

6. The power of naps

Although many workers still find it an odd idea, and it continues to be frowned upon in most German offices, a short nap in the middle of the day (particularly in the lunch break, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.) is a great way to recharge your batteries. If you do get the chance for a nap, however, it’s vital to avoid falling into a deep sleep — set an alarm for no more than 20 or 30 minutes. Waking from a deep sleep will leave you feeling lethargic, confused, and irritated. If you stick to the time limit, a power nap can top up your energy levels. It can also boost performance and improve short-term memory. “Coffee naps”—drinking an espresso or a coffee and then napping—have also become popular in some circles. The caffeine kicks in with its inbuilt alarm call after 20 minutes, which is just when you’re due to wake up. Leaving you to tackle the rest of your day with twice the energy you had before.

7. Laugh a little

Very few of us laugh enough, which is a real shame; laughing is not only a great way to relieve stress but also sends our energy levels through the ceiling and releases happy hormones. There’s no better way to rejuvenate body and soul. Do you feel like you don’t have anything to laugh about right now? Simply fake a smile. Hard as it might be to believe, the brain will interpret the very movement of your mouth muscles as a sign that you are happy. Why not give it a try?

8. Wake up, it’s snack time!

Candy bars are delicious, and they give you an energy high — in the short term. But the low which follows is just around the corner and will leave you feeling worse than you did, to begin with. Instead, choose a snack which replenishes your energy without any risk of crashing afterward; bananas and nuts, for example. They contain the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Bananas are also guaranteed to put a smile on your face since they contain the amino acid tryptophan (the precursor to the happy hormone serotonin, which is synthesized in the brain).

The B complex vitamins also help combat fatigue — vitamins B3, B5, B7, and B12, for example. Rich sources of these vitamins include liver, herring, eggs, dairy and wholewheat products, nuts, and pulses. Citrus fruits also contain a hefty dose of vitamin C for an added energy boost.

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