Victor’s Vectors: Why upgrade to a GTN?


GTN Panel Poster 3.14 I got a call from a proud owner of a GNS 530W and he asked a very basic question that really got me thinking.  He asked what I thought was the main reason to upgrade to a GTN 750.  I started thinking about the easy user interface and the ability to pull up charts, remotely control an audio panel or transponder, and load airways into the flight plan. But in my opinion, the nicest feature is the ability to graphically edit the flight plan.  He sounded interested and asked me to go on.  The majority of my commercial flight experience (other than flight instructing) was flying freight in a small aircraft.  Flying freight in a small aircraft in the Midwest during thunderstorm season gave me an appreciation for quickly being able to modify my flight plan.  With the GTN 750, adjusting your route around a pop up cell is as easy as touching and dragging a finger.  After telling the customer about the usefulness of this feature he told me that it was time for an upgrade.

The simple steps are listed below and the video can walk you through it, too. But if you want to try it out yourself, you can download the GTN PC trainer for free. 

Instructions for graphical flight plan editing on the GTN:
1. On the Map, touch the Map to activate the Map Pointer and enter the Graphically Edit Flight Plan Mode.
2. Touch the Graphically Edit FPL key.
3. Touch and hold the leg of the flight plan you wish to edit.
4. Drag it to a new waypoint and release your finger.
5. Touch the Done key.
Detailed instructions can also be found in the Pilots’ Guide on page 9-29.


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