Train with Your Virtual Partner this Summer


Forerunner_partnerAs last week marked the first day of summer, it also kicked off the season for getting in shape! And what better way to get your daily work out dose in, than with a personal training device to ensure you’re not over (or under) doing it? The guys at GPS Maniac have the right idea for doing exactly that– they recently reviewed our Forerunner 201 and found that it was definitely something worth running out for. Not only does this training assistant measure speed, distance and pace, but it also measures calories burned. And the coolest part? The FR 201 also helps you train with a Virtual Partner. For the GPS Maniacs, this stimulated running partner helped to ensure a more consistent time, by enabling them to see if they were either ahead or behind the Virtual Partner. A helpful hint: Just stay ahead of the Virtual Partner and you’ll meet, and even beat, your workout goal this summer and all year round.

Additionally, the FR201 can not only mark and find locations during your daily routine, but it can also direct you back to your starting point, all while displaying a track log that you can upload to for an in-depth analysis of your workout. "The receiver took all the bookkeeping work out of interval training by beeping when I was supposed to shift into or out of a rest state. This mode allowed me to enjoy my surroundings and exercise while the receiver kept track of everything else." And who couldn’t appreciate that? So go ahead… train hard, meet your Virtual Training Partner and track your progress. You’ll be ready for the beach in no time! Check out the full review here.

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