Selecting the Right Jig with Stetson Blaylock: Part 1 – Style


Stetson Blaylock Action 2

We sat down with pro Stetson Blaylock and asked him how to select the perfect jig when fishing. Here is what he said:  

If I’m using my Garmin GPSMAP 7612xsv offshore and fishing cover that’s not visible from above like deep brush piles, submerged trees and rock piles, I’m going to throw a 3/4 oz. to 1 oz. BOSS football jig 99% of the time. I want to stay in constant contact with the structure at all times. No matter how deep I’m fishing or how shallow the cover is, I want to feel what’s going on below. I usually use a heavier head like a football jig because it’s better for dragging. With the football style jig I want to keep that bait on the bottom. It goes through rocks and standing timber pretty well, so it’s a great style of jig to catch offshore fish.


Football Jigs

If I’m going to use a flipping jig, it’s going to be strictly for thick cover like hydrilla, milfoil, reeds, and any sort of hard wood such as brush piles, stumps or laydowns. The reason I only using a flipping jig in those situations is because they usually have a heavy hook that can penetrate the fish’s mouth in heavy cover. You’re also going to need a heavy line and heavy action rod. My flipping setup consists of a 13 Fishing Envy Black 7’6” Heavy Action Casting rod and a 13 Fishing Concept Reel spooled up with 20lb Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon with a 1/2 to 1 oz. BOSS flipping jig tied on. A lot of the time when you’re fishing those types of cover, a Texas rigged bait is better than a jig.


Flipping Jigs

A finesse jig is my all-around jig. I will use a 5/16 oz. or 3/8 oz. BOSS finesse jig any time I’m fishing shallow cover, whether it be stumps, rock banks, docks, or shallow grass. For me, a finesse jig means that it has a cut-down skirt so the profile of the bait is really small. Sometimes if I’m fishing thick cover and want a smaller profile jig, I’ll trim the skirt on a flipping jig and have the bigger hook. If I’m not fishing heavy cover, I’m going to go with a smaller, lighter finesse style jig with a lighter hook and lighter line on my reel.


Finesse Jigs

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog where Stetson talks about weight, color, and which trailers he uses.

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