Road or Treadmill?


Running on the Road

Some people will run outside despite a rainy, windy day. Others favor training on the treadmill and watching TV while grinding out their miles. No matter your preference, with our Forerunners, you can track miles and train in any climate.  

The Road  If you are training for a road race, it’s important to hit the pavement. Having the uneven surface underneath you will develop your leg muscles for race day. Luckily, the Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 920XT have features to help you improve outside. These include a virtual pacer, V02 max estimate, and accelerator.

Virtual Pacer is a training tool designed to help improve your time by encouraging running at a set pace. VO2 Max Estimator provides the maximum capacity your body has to transport oxygen. It helps with athletic performance, which should increase as your fitness level improves. The Forerunner 620, 920XT has an on-board accelerometer that is pre-calibrated with a table of default values based on the averages of many runners.

Treadmill Training

The Treadmill – Now, if you are looking to establish a rhythm for running, using a Forerunner on the treadmill can help as well. The treadmill belt is more forgiving than the road, and gives you a place to check out a steady stride. The treadmill is a tool to push you past some goals and become a more active person.

With the help of your running watch and Garmin Connect, you can see your improvements with an accelerometer unit like the Forerunner 620. For best results indoors use an external foot pod. It attaches to your shoe and monitors your distance and cadence if you are out of GPS range.

The Forerunner 920XT calculates data from wrist movement during an indoor run. It can capture all of your indoor workout numbers without a manual input. The treadmill is another viable option to work on your cardio and Forerunner can be there to track all your movements.

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