Peg’s Posts: Q & A on the new Forerunner 405


Q. Does the 405 work with other heart rate monitor straps?
A. If the heart rate monitor (HRM) is ANT+Sport-enabled, the 405 can “pair” with the monitor to read the data. You can buy the 405 with a heart rate monitor or without. In fact, for customers who already have a Forerunner 305 and want to step up to the 405, they can purchase the model without the included HRM and then use their existing monitor. Pairing the HRM with the 405 is a simple menu operation.

Q. Can the 405 display calories burned?
A. Yep. And it also knows if you went for the brownie sundae for dessert. Okay, maybe not.

Q. What is the battery life?
A. Battery life is 8 hours with GPS on and two weeks in power save mode (just showing the time of day on the screen). We expect that the battery will typically last 1 week with normal use.

Q. What kind of battery?
A. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You charge it through an AC adapter or through your computer’s USB port using the provided charge clip.

Q. Can it display my position as a breadcrumb trail like the 305?
A. No, there is not a map screen on the 405. However, there is still a “back to start” feature that allows you to navigate back to your starting point. In this mode, you’ll see a navigation page with a pointer arrow directing you back to your starting position.

Q. Does it keep track of your trail so it can be uploaded and shown on a PC as an overlay on a map like the 305 could do?
A. Yes. The 405 will interface with our new Garmin Connect site, which will similar functionality as MotionBased plus more. You’ll be able to store and analyze your data as well as share routes with a worldwide community of fitness fanatics and outdoor folks.

Q. Why no pace alert or time/distance alert like previous models had?
A. The Virtual Partner feature is now available all the time, rather than just during workouts and courses. You can set the pace at any point before or during your run. This will provide an easy way to see if you are ahead or behind your target pace. You can also set up a workout with a target pace so that you will get an alert if you are going too fast or too slow. Regarding the time/distance alert, the 405 has an auto lap setting that allows you to specify a distance. The 405 will automatically lap at that distance and beep each time. You can also set up a workout with time or distance steps.

Q. Will you be adding an altimeter to future models?
A. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, so I can pass along that suggestion to our engineering team. While the 405 does not have an altimeter, it does record GPS-derived elevation, which can be displayed on the watch and tracked in Garmin Connect.

Q. What’s the waterproof rating of the 405?
A. Our specs state that the 405 is IPX7, which means it’s water resistant in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This is slightly different from a true “waterproof” rating, which would make the watch safe for surface swimming. Like previous Forerunner models, the 405 can handle rain and sweat, but it’s not designed for triathletes who want to use it to track their swims.

Q. Does it have a multisport mode?

A. No. You can switch to biking mode so that your activity will be tagged as biking when you upload to the computer, but you cannot link running and biking activities together, such as when multisport athletes do back-to-back “brick” workouts. The 405 will have an optional bike mount and can be paired with a speed/cadence sensor for use on the bike. However, the 305 will remain as our true multisport training device because it’s optimized for a quick-release mount from wrist strap to bike mount.

Q. How many data fields can be shown?
A. You can show 3 data fields on a page. You can also configure up to three training pages plus a heart rate page that shows up when you are wearing a heart rate monitor.

Q. The 405 is considerably smaller than the 205/305 — will that affect the accuracy?
A. The accuracy is very similar to that of the 305. There may be a slight difference due to the size, but it shouldn’t be noticeable.

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