nüvi survives luggage rack ride, found in time for the holidays


You've heard us say before that when we're developing products we put them through extreme test conditions. We drop 'em, dunk 'em, freeze 'em, and heat 'em, and that's just a few of the tests engineering puts products through. We're proud that our devices are rugged and can stand up to the challenges our customers give them – even accidental challenges. So as we begin a new year, we reflect back on all the amazing stories that have been sent to us, and bring you another great testimonial sent to the Garmin inbox from Seth D., who's nüvi was lost, survived some brutal weather, and was found again just in time for the holidays:  

041808_AUT_1010I bought a nüvi for my wife as a Mother's Day gift a few years ago. It has worked great and we have been very happy with it. Since my two children have started to drive, we occasionally let them borrow it. My 19-year-old son borrowed it for a road trip one weekend in early September of this year. When my wife went to use it and could not find it, my son swore up and down that he had put it back in her car. Since there had been a rash of car break-ins recently in our neighborhood, we thought that it had been stolen.  

Jump ahead to late October when I was cleaning my own car and tossed one of the floor mats onto my son's Jeep's luggage rack and spotted what looked like a wire. There wedged in the corner of his luggage rack was the GPS, cord, holder and all. I couldn't believe it.  He had put it there and forgot about it. It had been up there for weeks while we drove it around. But that's not the good part. While it was stuck in the rack (a miracle in itself that it did not fly out) we had experienced a period of torrential downpours and a hurricane. I yelled to wife excitedly and she came running out thinking something was wrong. I turned her body and head to see the GPS lodged in the rack. We looked at each other thinking the same thing…would it work? It was obvious that some water had seeped into the screen. Not attempting to dry it out, we plugged it in and it fired right up. We started using it again and the water eventually dried up. To our amazement, it's still working.There is no question as to what brand we will buy when it comes time for a new one. We are currently considering giving this one to our son and getting a new one for our mom and dad. Thanks for making such a durable product that's worth every penny! 


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