A New Year, A New You and All New Updates to the Endurance Athlete Friendly GTU 10 Tracker!


Pip You can also activate the Check-ins* feature – where the tracker sends your device’s location via email or text message on the days and times you specify. If you are wanting to look back at your event history, all of the GTU's now offer access to the previous 24-hour tracklog as opposed to just the 10 last tracklog points.

GTU Screen1We have even added support for poor acquisition while in situations where GPS signal is weak or not present. The tracker now uses cell tower triangulation to provide approximate location of the tracker.

Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on the family car when you are out of town? Well, here's your chance. Simply connect the GTU 10 to a power source in your vehicle and take advantage of the Speed Alert feature*. This feature will send you an alert to your mobile phone or email when a user-selected speed is exceeded. If the device loses its power or connection to the car it will automatically let you GTU 10_010-00887-00_HR_800know that too!

If you already own a tracker, simply update the software for your GTU 10 to use the new and improved features. And, if you use the Garmin Tracker app on your smartphone, get the latest version of the app.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Priceless Pets, the New York City based pet walking experts, were featured using the GTU tracker on their four-legged clients. Check out the video below to find out more about how they use this exciting new technology!


*Deluxe Trackingservice plan is required for these features. Deluxe Tracking is available for purchase at www.garmin.com.

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