Getting to Know Garmin Sponsored Athlete and Stand Up Paddle Boarder of The Year Jenny Kalmbach


G: What data fields do you display on your watch? Jenny

JK: Speed, Time (nice to know how long you've been paddling for), Distance in nautical miles .. it is a great way to be able to test equipment & technique… is it really faster to take more strokes or not – is a carbon blade faster than a wooden blade, which board is faster etc…

G: You are such a great athlete, what made you chose Paddle Boarding? 

JK315890_2406976206483_1013514286_2853279_1991151956_n: Because I love being on the water, in the elements.. it's always so different and there are so many different aspects – downwind paddling, surfing, flat water paddling.. because it is so new, I learn something every time i go out. I paddle because it is fun and when I am out there I can focus completely on the task at hand, I leave everything else on shore. 

G: Like Garmin, you are a huge advocate of healthy and active lifestyles. What does this mean to you?

JK: We live one life and I want to make sure that the life I live is an active one… I want to be like my grandparents, still square dancing in their nineties, although I hope in my case, I405864_197329957024412_124114661012609_415753_1585478667_n will be paddling. We have an amazing world and I think more people should step outside and explore it. Even if someone just starts with a walk around the block – it's a start… set a goal, a 5k or 10k or marathon and setup a training program – it's amazing how your views change when you have a plan, a goal. When I first started racing I changed everForerunner910XT_HR_101.2ything about my nutrition and training… it was no longer about eating or working out to look a certain way – it was about being a better athlete, a stronger paddler. 

The key is to teach the youth that being active is fun and it doesn't have to be a chore. We have the ability to share with them an experience that will change their lives….

Keokea from Jenny Kalmbach on Vimeo.

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