New Year’s Resolutions: Ambassadors Share Their Own 2016 Goals


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Making New Year’s resolutions are sometimes easier said than done. With good intentions we set goals we’ve always wanted to obtain and see the start of a new year as the fresh start we need to motivate ourselves to accomplish them. We should always strive to eat healthier, get more exercise, and work to #BeatYesterday in all aspects of life, but many people abandon their resolutions only a few weeks after making them. A few of the Garmin Ambassadors share their resolutions and hopefully inspire you to think outside the box and make your resolutions specific, realistic and attainable so you can work towards your goals each day of 2016.

Linzie Starr (@sharpendurance)

“My goal is to be more consistent with my training. Results need constant work and dedication. So I'll be focused on self discipline and on the end result so I can beat yesterday get to the place I know I can be.”

Ivie Hasegawa (@ivieanne)

“My goal for 2016 is to change my perception of what is possible. While we have to train and run smart, I've always taken that to the next level to overthinking and fear. Doing something NEW is challenging and EXCITING! 2016 will be my definition of beat yesterday, as everyday will get stronger and push more limits.”

Robin Runner (@knead_to_cook)

“My goals for 2016: Drink more water. Meditate nightly. Run with a lower heart rate. Successfully complete my 50 mile ultra in April.”

Gregg Bard (@nycsweat)

“My 2016 goals: pace someone to a PR half marathon/marathon, learn to swim so I can maybe tri in 2017, PR my half in March and marathon in October. Run from NYC to Canada. Somehow, someway I'd like this to happen in 2016. And finally, train to get to a point so I can BQ in 2017. Two year project begins January 1.”

Katie Ringley (@katiesfitscript)

“2016: First Boston Marathon and first full Ironman NC, 2 half ironmans and first ultra 50k and continue working towards a sub 3 marathon! 2017: hoping for the year of the ultra (50 and 100 milers)”

Breona Carter (@bre_fontaine)

“Training goals 2016: I'd love to requalify for Boston, at the Ogden Marathon, this May. I qualified last year but the time wasn't margin enough to make the cut. So I will train faster. I'd also like to run my first snowshoe race (25k), my first ultra (antelope island), and climb some local mountains. All while finding joy in the adversity that always comes.”

Sara Turner (@lovingontherun)

“Training Goals: Run and ENJOY my very first Boston Marathon in April. After that, I'd really like to start focusing on shorter races for a while to help increase my speed. Even though it's hard for me to step back from marathons for a little bit, I know it will help me in the long run become a stronger and faster runner. (I've always dabbled with the idea of running a trail marathon or ultra, but that isn't 100% decided yet!)

Keep up with the Ambassadors and motive them on their journey as they motivate you on yours by following them on their social channels and checking in on their blogs at

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