Live TV on the iQue M3 (we’re not making this up)


Slingmobile_1Slingmobile_2 Here’s the latest post from A.G., a Garmin iQue M3 devotee in the Czech Republic capital of Prague.  This is probably one of the sweetest examples of Web 2.0 (whatever that is!) that we’ve seen to date.  Here’s the lowdown:

My good friends at Garmin, I just wanted to write and tell you that I have arrived at handheld convergence nirvana.  Two nights ago, at 1 am Prague time, over the web, I received the TV signal from my Slingbox which my brother-in-law helped me set up in his house in Texas.  Last night, I saw that very same signal of local Texas television on my M3 via wi-fi on my home network.  This morning, I sat in my office downtown and watched late night infomercials streamed live from Texas to my M3.

After the Slingbox was set up, all I had to do is register it, and I got the “slingmobile player” software as a free download.  It’s still a beta version but I have yet to have a single problem.

So, I’m officially capable of watching all of the TV programming that US television has to offer – anywhere there is wi-fi – and I have my M3.  Granted, you may not be a TV fan, but count your lucky stars, the Czech stuff is ten times worse!

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