Knowing Your Heart Rate


“I recently purchased a Forerunner 305.  To be honest, I stalked Marathon Sports here in Boston until they received a couple and showed up minutes later to snag one.

“Anyway, I wanted to let you know that it’s fantastic.  So fantastic that it actually may have helped save my life.  Ok, I know that sounds like an exaggeration, and, it may be to some extent, but you need to hear this story:

“I am a recreational runner (4 times per week – generally 4 miles per run – 9-10 minute mile pace)  I love running with a scorekeeper (like the forerunner) and have been running with my 305 for about 3 weeks now.   I recently decided to go out for a quick run and decided to push it pretty hard for a 5k simulated race run.  I know my max heart rate is 188 and I allowed myself to get pretty close on this run.  Just after my first mile, I felt a strange feeling in my chest, it went away and I kept on.  About 30 seconds later i felt it again and this time it did not go away.  I immediately changed to a walking pace as I knew something was off.  I walked for a minute or so trying to calm myself and the HR monitor on the 305 was reading 239!  I felt my heart pounding as though trying to get out of my chest.  I felt like i was able to recover quickly at this walking pace but the HR kept up at 239.

“After a few minutes like this, I knew I needed help.  I left the trail i was on and entered a neighborhood street.  A woman was raking in her yard and I spoke out to her and asked her to call 911.  Fire trucks were followed by an ambulance and before i knew it i was strapped on a stretcher inside the ambulance.  A portable EKG showed a HR rate ranging from 250-260 and it was not resolving itself.  The medics prepared an IV port and injected me with meds to get my heart into check.  The second injection did the trick.  I was transported to the hospital for more tests and later released – diagnosed with SupraVentricle Tachycardia (SVT).  The doctors are reasonably sure this is a condition that will not cause me any real harm as long as I take some precautions.  I was released that day and was actually able to return to a normal life that same afternoon. I ran 9 miles yesterday with no problems whatsoever.

“During this traumatic event, I kept the 305 running as long as I could (until the medics arrived and yanked the HR strap off me).  But I have part of the ordeal on record.

“Thanks for the great forerunner products.  I love them and can’t imagine running without my 305 ever again.”

R. Guay
Marblehead, MA

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