Chet’s Corner: Bluetooth: The Sequel


Chet_3_1 Last week, Chet told us about Bluetooth connectivity on the GPS 10 and Garmin Mobile 20.  Today, our lil’ buddy talks about Bluetooth wireless applications on a number of other Garmin units.

Recently, Garmin announced GPS units that offered Bluetooth functionality as well.  One thing to remember here is that not all Bluetooth uses are created equal.  The new StreetPilot c550, StreetPilot 2820, and nüvi 310 and nüvi 360 units use Bluetooth to allow the user to connect a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and use the StreetPilot as a hands-free kit.  When connected, you can send and receive calls using these devices, and you can even access your phone’s contact list or dial points-of-interest directly from the unit.  Garmin supports more than 200 Bluetooth phones, more than just about any other PND manufacturer.

Sometimes when Bluetooth is mentioned, it’s hard to see that it is being offered for completely different uses.  I like to think of it like this: Garmin offers Bluetooth GPS devices, like the GPS 10 and Garmin Mobile 20, and Garmin offers GPS devices with Bluetooth functionality, like the new StreetPilot and nüvi devices.

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