Team Garmin: All In The Family


Teamgarmin_3Allinthefamily_2 It seems as though David, a member of Team Garmin who’s training for June’s Ride the Rockies, is getting some support from one of his biggest admirers:

Now that I have begun riding much more regularly, my 6-yr-old daughter (Morgan) was curious where I went each day on my bike. Her curiosity was so strong that she noticed I was getting ready for a ride and grabbed her bike ahead of me. With a woefully horrendous effort of pushing back by me (I loved that she wanted to go with me), she convinced me that this would be worthwhile. Actually, she looked at me and said, “Please, Daddy!”

You can see that by clicking the MotionBased image above, we were able to go almost 7 miles with a significant elevation gain for a little girl. She had all sorts of questions of which I could TRUTHFULLY answer because I have the new Edge 305 that accompanies me on every ride. “Yes, this IS a steep hill” was the correct answer when I looked down to see that we were in a 14% incline. “Yes, we ARE going fast” when I noticed that her little pink bike was cruising comfortably at 19 mph. Etc… One thing about my princess, she IS a chatterbox, especially during “daddy-time”. Can’t you tell I hate it? Not for a minute! Thank you Garmin for making me sound like the smartest daddy in the world! As a personal observation, I can now honestly say that I can travel 2.76 mph going UP a 14% grade AND 2.77 mph going DOWN a 14% grade, without falling off my bike. Of course, I will need to replace some brake pads in the near future!

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