Give-a Garmin, Day 16


The StreetPilot makes long trips stress free. From re-routing congested freeways to recalculating “most direct” to “most use of freeways” to finding exits and POIs, I have used absolutely every feature on this unit and I am grateful every single one. Most of all, THANK YOU for making your products easy to use, portable and realiable. Our daughter is now driving and I will not let her leave home without the StreetPilot. She has many friends who live in a mountainous area and we have programmed in all her friends addresses. Knowing she can keep her eyes on the road while a friendly voice directs her to her destination is worth more peace of mind than a parent can put into words. We recently conducted a weekend of college tours. By programming each campus location prior to leaving home, we were able to set a predetermined schedule (including hotel stays) and meet every appointment on time every time. We even visited an additional college simply by conducting a search while in the area. Finally, as we think about our daughter leaving for college, this Christmas she is getting a Garmin GPS of her own. We’ll already have HOME programmed in before she opens this wonderful gift.

Merry Christmas!

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