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Shape1222 Whether you’re resolving to shed a few pounds or shave minutes off your marathon PR, Forerunner can get you to your goal. It records your time, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned. And the beauty of being GPS-based is that you get all this data without running on marked trails or tracks and without having to calibrate a pedometer. You just turn it on and run with it. Forerunner stores all the data from your workout so you can compare your workouts over time. Maybe your New Year’s list includes a goal to run X number of miles for the year. Forerunner will keep track.

Click here to read an amusing story from the Runner’s World site about a runner who squeezed in a late-night run on New Year’s Eve when he realized he was a few miles short of his 2,000-mile goal.

While getting feedback during your workout and tracking progress is motivating to some, others need something more concrete. They need customized workouts and a schedule. Answer: Forerunner and Garmin Training Center software. This software, included with your unit purchase, allows you to create workouts based on speed or heart rate zone goals and then set the duration or distance, number of repeats, rest period, etc. You can name each workout, schedule them on the calendar within the software and upload to your Forerunner. The workouts are stored under trainingworkoutsadvanced. When you’re ready for your run, just select your workout from this menu. If you scheduled it by date, it’ll show up under the header “today’s” or “by date”. Advanced athletes can use Forerunner with plans from to train for specific events.

Something about having a workout planned and on the calendar just raises the accountability factor. Trust me, if not for my scheduled run and current training plan, I wouldn’t have ventured out on snow and ice-covered surfaces to squeeze in a few miles on a recent Sunday afternoon. Did I mention it was windy, freezing and I had about a million other things I could’ve been doing? But darn if I was going to miss that workout and have to catch up later. Type A? Maybe just a little.

If you’re running toward a goal for ’07 or just running to get away from goals, lists and other type As, go with Forerunner.

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