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featurechetscorner_1_4_5In my final post before the big holiday weekend, I will answer another user question.  This time it is about a unit that I don’t think I have ever posted about before, the versatile GPSMAP 60CSx.  The question today is:

Q: Hi Chet,
I’m a huge fan of Garmin products, now using a GPSMap60CSx, my 3rd Garmin GPS. While I’ve happily and successfully used the CSx as I drive long-distance bus trips i.e. Toronto – NYC; wilderness canoe trips; airplanes; cars etc., the one question I have arises from riding Amtrak from Chicago to Seattle. Using City Navigator NT, the railway tracks appear on the CSx screen (at 200m magnification), and as long as the tracks are located in the countryside, the CSx indicates that we’re ‘right on track’ so to speak.  However, when there are roads adjacent to the track, the indicator keeps jumping over to the road and back to the track.  In real life this would be a bit of a disaster of course!  Could you offer a solution to enable the train to stay on track, or must I learn to enjoy the imaginary bumpy ride?
Thank you

A:  The answer to this question is actually very simple.  Our units use a feature called “Lock On Road” to keep the arrow on the road.  This is necessary due to fluctuations in the GPS signal.  To keep the map pointer from going back to the roads when you get close to them, you merely need to turn this feature off.

You will want to press the “Menu” button twice and go to the Main Menu.  On that screen, go to “Setup” and then go to “Map”.  The “Lock On Road” feature is at the bottom of the menu.  Turn it off and you shouldn’t have that problem anymore.  Just remember that you changed that setting in case the unit starts to behave erratically when you actually want it to keep you on the road.

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I hope all of you have a happy holiday season and I will see all of you back next Thursday for another edition of Chet’s Corner!!

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