Essential Stretches for Runners


Stretching has never been the most exciting or enjoyable part of running. It just gets in the way of taking off on your chosen track and racking up that data on your Forerunner. Still, it remains crucial when you want your best performance. 

These simple stretches can help you achieve your goals, limit potential injuries, and reduce soreness when recovering from your run.  


Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch

Start by keeping your legs close together. Bend your left knee a little bit, and then grab your heel or ankle with your left hand until it is fully stretched out. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Then switch to your right leg. This will stretch the quadriceps muscles, which are vital to running.  


Knee/Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel on one leg and have your knee bent close to your chest. Place the right foot forward and get a nice bend in your knee. Try to hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then rotate to the other leg. Repeat this a couple times on each side. This stretch will help give you that flexibility in the legs and hips when you are pounding the pavement. 

Runners Lunge

Runners Lunge

It’s an awkward stretch, but your legs will thank you later. Start by taking a large step forward with your right leg. Then bend your right knee until it is parallel to the ground. Push yourself back up again. Move your left foot even with your right and stand there. Now do the same motion with your left leg. Complete a few fluid lunges and keep the focus on the appropriate form.

These are just a few stretches to start with when you are ready to run with your Forerunner!

What are some of your favorite stretches before a run? Tag #UpForMore on the Garmin Fitness social media channels to see your photos featured.



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