#FishGarmin Spotlight: Clark Wendlandt – Part 2


Clark3Last time, we talked to Clark about his TV show and how he has become one of the top anglers on tour. Let’s learn a bit more about Clark and see if we can get a few fishing tips.

Garmin: What are your favorite techniques when fishing during the post-spawn? 

Clark: One of my favorite techniques in the postspawn is topwater. It seems like everybody’s favorite baits are topwater, but as a professional fisherman, it’s a great way to locate fish, and in a tournament, a great way to catch big fish. There are a bunch of different baits that you can use, too. We have poppers, walkers, buzzbaits, frogs, propbaits, and all of them can be really effective. A lot of times for schooling fish, walking baits seem to work better, but if they’re not schooling, for example early in the morning during the summer before you have to head to deep water, you can throw a popper style bait, work them slow and catch a lot of fish.

What are your strengths as an angler?

I love power fishing and fishing shallow water. I fish a lot of crankbaits and spinnerbaits, but one thing that I have been using over the last several months that is helping me immensely is the Garmin Panoptix sonar.  What Panoptix does is give you the ability to look out in front of the boat. Instead of seeing what has passed and what is going on behind you, you can actually look out in front of you. It’s kind of like playing a video game where you’re putting a drop shot out and watch your bait go to the bottom and you actually get that fish to bite. But for me a lot of times in shallow water situations, the Panoptix actually gives me the ability to see what cover and fish are out in front of me. Instead of driving over it with my boat and spooking the fish, I can see that there’s a brush pile, stump, bridge piling, rock pile, or whatever it may be. Panoptix will show me everything and I can make a cast to the target before I get to it.

How do you practice for a tournament? Do you go down far in advance during the offseason and fish that body of water, or do you just go into each event like you’re seeing that lake for the first time, or do you just go out and fish?

For the most part, I just use what experience I have. Professional bass fishing is a game of instincts, so usually I’ll get to a tournament and spend three days practicing for that event, and then put my boat on the water and go fishing against the best of the best. The instincts that just come from being on the water and spending time on the water and being outdoors are really what helps me make the best decisions.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us and good luck on the rest of your season! 

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