DVD On Your M3


Our Man in Prague, A.G., has yet another tip on getting the most out of his iQue M3.  This time, it’s using the unit as a veritable movie theater on the go:

Pocket_dvd_wizard_1Pocket_dvd_wizard_2There are certain things that every traveling business type has to endure: long lines at the ticket counter, embarrassment when you realize the holes in your socks as you walk through the metal detector, and the inevitable plane delays.  Luckily, I’ve found a way to make these annoyances a little more tolerable with my M3 and a nifty piece of software.

The Pocket DVD Wizard will take your DVD’s and convert them to WMV or AVI files that fit on your SD card.  The program can make 2 hours of video as small as 128MB with exceptional quality.  I’m no math whiz but if you invest in a 2GB SD card, well, you could ride out quite a few plane delays!

The greatest thing is, according to the Pocketgear site legal notice, if you only keep these files for your personal use, it’s legal, ethical and all that jazz.  Of course, the poor guy next to you in the terminal actually reading a 3 lb. hardback of the latest blockbuster instead of actually watching it might be kind of jealous.  But that’s his problem, right?

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