Team Garmin: Meet the Runners (Part II)


TeamgarminDsc00497 Yesterday we introduced you to the some new Team Garmin members who are using the Forerunner 305 to train for the San Diego Marathon. Without further adieu, here’s the rest of the team….

Maureen — I began running about 3 years ago and signed up
for my first San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in June 2003.  I had never
run more than a mile at that point so I’m not really sure what made me
think that 26.2 was a good idea!  I ran the marathon in San Diego and
loved it so much that I went on to run the Inaugural Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Phoenix
the following January and the Country Music Rock ‘n Roll Marathon the
following April.  I took a break from the world of marathons until this
past January when I started training for the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll
Marathon with a group of my friends.  During our training up to this
point we have relied on Kate to set her Forerunner when we started our
runs so we could see our distance, time and most importantly – how many
calories we’ve burned!  I ran for the first time this past Saturday
with the 305 and it was pretty awesome and very addicting.  I’ve run a
couple times since then and now don’t see how I could run without
knowing exactly how far I’ve run and exactly how long each mile took me
to run.  When I’m out training by myself it’s so easy to slow down
because there’s no one there to compare yourself to – but now I have
the 305 telling me that I’m slacking and need to pick up the pace! Less
than 2 months until the marathon (June 4, 2006)…Wish me luck!!

Jennifer — I’m a first time runner. I was interested in
joining a running club, and at the same time I  had a couple friends
who were thinking about training for a marathon so I decided to join
them.  I have to be honest — I didn’t even know what a Garmin was when
I first started running.  But, I saw Kate using hers and it took no
time for me to decide I needed one as well.  I am so excited to finally
have my Garmin Forerunner!!    Last Saturday was the first time I used
it and I love it!!!!!   Because this is my first training experience
I’m looking forward to tracking my history so
I can see how my time progresses.  It is going to be awesome having
this during the week when I’m running on my own to keep track of
distance and time.  Happy running!!!

Angie — Well, I’m the walker of the group! I am one of those
general fitness people- jack of all (most all), master of none! Leading
an active life simply supports my grandmother’s mantra of “use it or
lose it”! I’ve so enjoyed training and socializing in preparation for
the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll marathon, however my knees have dictated a
break from running. This, however, is the very best part have using the
Garmin Forerunner! Because I do not have a pace group to train with,
the Garmin has allowed me to keep my own pace (striving
for a 15 minute mile walking marathon). I really love being outside,
but must admit I am always curious about the calorie burn as well. That
is another super feature of the Garmin. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with
it more and more as soon as I can figure out the bells and whistles!

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