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Most backpackers are overwhelmed at the thought of what to bring and what not to bring on their long adventures. Most would say that anything you carry needs to be absolutely necessary and preferably light weight. With the warm weather taking stride, we are betting some of you are already planning your next trek. Whether that be hiking, camping, trail riding, or geocaching with the family, we want to supply you with some easy snack ideas for that next journey. 

Dried Fruits

When on a hike, carrying a couple of fresh apples, oranges, or bananas won’t weigh your bag down very much and they contain the vital amounts of water you’d need to bring anyway. But for those longer treks, dried fruit is a fantastic way to reduce the weight and still eat a wholesome diet on the go. Per serving, most kinds of dried fruits do not have more sugar or calories than the fresh variety, but dried fruits are still a worthy source of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants for you body.

Energy Bars

When talking about size and the best bang for your buck, energy bars are a great source to consider. There are many energy bars on the market today and most of them are very beneficial for long adventures and occasions like hiking or camping.  According to the National Health Service, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,700 for men and 2,200 for women, so it’s important to pack something that contains lots of calories while you’re out burning up your fuel. These energy bars pack a lot of calories and protein in a small, convenient size, and they don’t taste half bad either.

Trail Mix

Another great alternative snack for those long adventures is a salty and sweet trail mix that could contain foods like crackers, cereals, pretzels, and other carbohydrates that help fuel the body and restore the electrolytes that were lost through perspiring. You can also add nuts and seeds for extra protein and maybe M&M’s for an extra energy kick. Your backpack will always stay light with trail mix because it can be stored easily in compact, plastic bags or containers. 


We hope these snack ideas delivered some encouragement for your next outdoor adventure and we can’t wait to hear about it! Remember to share your adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use hashtag #Garmin. 

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