Beat The Heat With The Help Of Forerunner


PIP1 When I asked Pip, who is also a qualified sports nutritionist, about fluid consumption and how much athletes should be taking in, she said, “There really is no set volume as it depends on many variables (size, climate, sweat rates, pre-hydration levels etc).” She went on to say, “The best thing is to listen to thirst and aiming to replace 60-70% of weight/sweat loss.”

After close to two hours in the Kansas outdoors and a couple empty water bottles we had made it back to our cars and luckily just before the burning sun had turned the landscape into its personal oven.

To stay up to date with Pip’s results and to keep connected with Garmin, follow both on twitter: @PipTaylorRacing and @Garmin .

And remember, stay cool, stay hydrated and train hard.

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