A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole: Garmin Astro Saves the Day


010-00976-00_HR_110.1At Garmin, we get testimonials every day from our customers.  Sporting dog owners have really taken to our Astro GPS Dog Tracking System because it lets them keep tabs on their four-legged hunting buddies. And sometimes, it's literally a lifesaver.

Glen M., a rabbit hunter in Georgia, describes a recent experience with the Astro:

Thank You Garmin! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

My wife and I were rabbit hunting with our hounds yesterday, February 8 ,2012, when we lost signal on 3 of our hounds. We have the Astro 320 with DC 40 collars and I felt confident the hounds went underground. They had chased the rabbit about 350 yards to a creek bank and followed it into the hole. I was able to use my Garmin to locate them. One of my hounds was stuck in the tunnel and could not get out. With some help, we were able to dig down to her for a happy reunion. I would not have been able to find her if not for your great product.

Here is the video we uploaded to YouTube.  Thank you so much!

Thank YOU, Glen, for the kind words.  And we're relieved to hear your story had a happy ending!  Do you have a Garmin story?  Send an email to stories@garmin.com.  

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