Triathlete Pip Taylor: No Hiding From the Numbers


Th082511_FIT_3128en once I am finished the whole session is there to be looked at, recorded and analysed. So love on first swim it was!! Even more surprising for me though was when I took it to the pool. Again, as someone who has grown up in swim squads and pools and completely used to using swim clocks as second nature, I thought it might not be something I would use that much. However I have to admit to being wrong again. The ability to set paces and alerts is just priceless. And to be able to do that without trying to look at the clock, just feeling for the vibration makes staying on pace extremely easy (well as easy as staying on pace can be at this 082511_FIT_3194(1)time of season).

The only problem with my training partner is that it is always brutally honest – will definitely tell you when you are having a  good day or a bad day. There is just no hiding from the reality of the numbers!!

Stay healthy and keep working hard,


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