X-Alps City Profile: Gaisberg, Austria


Paragliding in the mountains

At this stage in the Red Bull X-Alps, athletes are finding their groove. After leaving the most iconic stop on the route, the Matterhorn, the competition now heads to Mont Blanc, France. In order to get to this turnpoint, the athletes have to cross the highest points in the Alps.

Mont Blanc is the 8th turnpoint on the X-Alps route and it boasts the highest elevation of the course. The mountain includes three towns within it and they are all very popular places for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities. One of the towns, Chamonix, was actually the host of the first Winter Olympics held in 1924.

Soaring in Mont Blanc

While the Mont Blanc Mountain may play a pivotal role in the X-Alps race, it is quite an inconvenience for others when traveling. In 1965 the Mont Blanc Tunnel was created to help with a more direct route for transportation, as it goes directly under the mountains. The tunnel connects Chamonix, France and Courmayeur, Italy and is one of the major Trans-Alpine transport routes.

The tunnel may benefit everyday life and all the transportation involved, but the athletes will be taking an alternate route over the mountain. If they can surpass the highest point then they will carry on to Annecy, France. The town of Mont Blanc will provide a fair amount of challenges to the athletes, but it will all be downhill from there; literally.

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