With gas prices spiking, here’s how your Garmin can help you save at the pump


Gas prices are continuing to rise, so we thought we’d share some tips on how your Garmin navigation device can help you save at the pump. With Garmin’s ecoRoute feature you can save money on fuel costs by finding more fuel-efficient routes and analyzing your driving behavior. To make sure you’re not overpaying at the pump, Garmin’s Smartphone Link app lets you search for the best gas prices nearby.

Live Fuel Prices with Garmin Smartphone Link App Fuel-prices

Garmin Smartphone Link is a free Android app that utilizes the smartphone’s data connection to provide real-time information to nüvi navigation devices. One of the premium functions available through this app is the ability to search for the lowest fuel prices at gas stations nearby. For $9.99 per year, users can find the best prices for any grade of fuel in their area by tapping the screen and selecting a station.

Garmin ecoRoute

Garmin ecoRoute calculates the most fuel-efficient routes by factoring in fuel consumption data, the number of stops, speed limits, and more. ecoRoute also gives you real-time feedback on the efficiency of your driving.

Select Fuel-Efficient Routes EcoRoute

With ecoRoute, users will have a “less fuel” option as a routing preference. When selected, nüvi will determine if more fuel-efficient routes exist based on road speed data and vehicle acceleration data for a given route. You’ll also get information on the time, distance and total fuel cost of your planned route. And it’s all on one easy-to-read screen so you’ll know before you go.

Fuel & Milage Reports

The Fuel Report feature automatically calculates details about your travel and fuel usage. You’ll see time and distance traveled as well as the cost of fuel used and average fuel economy. Perfect for keeping tabs on your travels and expenses, it’s virtually everything you need to track your ongoing fuel consumption.

Driving Challenge

See just how efficient you drive with ecoRoute’s Driving Challenge. This fun-yet-effective challenge makes a game out of saving gas with your nüvi by keeping a running score that reflects your current driving habits. You’ll get real-time feedback based on your performance and you’ll quickly see the results of your actions. Like to accelerate quickly and jam on the brakes at the last moment? Then prepare yourself for a lower score and higher fuel bill. The better you drive, the higher your score.

The ecoRoute feature is included with selected nüvi models and can also be purchased as an upgrade for other models here. Additionally, we also offer an even more advanced option to analyze your driving behavior and fuel economy with ecoRoutes HD: The ecoRoute HD module transforms your Bluetooth® compatible nüvi or Android™ smartphone into a real-time diagnostic computer. By connecting to your vehicle’s diagnostic system, ecoRoute HD monitors vehicle performance and provides detailed system data, including engine monitoring, sensor and gauge data, fuel efficiency, engine diagnostics and more.


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