Wall Street Journal says Forerunner is simply better


Forerunner305cal One misconception we encounter when introducing people to our products is that you have to be technically savvy or a wireless whiz to work them. Not true. For example, the nüvi is famous for giving you two choices when you turn it on: View Map or Where To? From that basic intro, intuition takes over. Well, it looks like we have another believer….

“I was never into exercise gadgets,” explained Mark Schoofs this weekend in the Wall Street Journal. But then Mark wanted an easy answer to what every runner wonders: “I began to ask, How far am I running, and how fast?” Welcome to the world of fitness technology. Mark’s article is enlightening for anyone who has ever put one foot in front of the other, and in the end, he gravitated toward Garmin’s Forerunner 305 over another company’s device. Why? Because “mainly the Garmin seems simpler,” Mark wrote. “I can see my pace whenever I want. ” And for instant gratification, “Garmin locks onto the satellites faster,” he said. For his whole story, click here. [Warning: You may be motivated to lace up and hit the trails.]


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