Victor’s Vectors: Increasing base map detail


Gpsmap696cf-lg Over the last couple of months I have been hearing a lot of good stories from customers about their GPSMAP 696 or 695. The GPS is getting used in applications that I wouldn’t have initially dreamed of; everything from being used in Alaska and Canada for bush flying, throughout the Midwest for pipe line patrols, and in helicopters fighting California forest fires and providing EMS. In several of these calls one question normally pops up that I would like to answer for everyone. The question is, “how do I increase the detail of the base map?” It’s a good question for those customers that are using these units for, let’s say, a non standard operations. The answer is that you can increase the level of detail using a MapSource mapping product. The 696 and 695 are compatible with the topographical mapping products like US Topo, and Topo 24K. Both of these mapping products can be loaded to a SD card then loaded onto the GPS through the SD card slot on the side of the unit. The 696 and 695 can support up to 3500 map sets which give you a fairly large area of mapping. Topo mapping not only gives the lines of elevation, hiking trails, and more detail on rivers, lakes, and streams but it also gives street detail. Topo also comes in four coverage areas: US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. So if you are flying just for fun or for a more unusual reason, Garmin has you covered.

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