Ben has the Edge while training in Hawaii


Alas, my worries were all for not. I headed through Honolulu and up the Pali highway toward the windward side of the island, and right before I reached the peak I saw a pack of blue Boca jerseys. I caught up as they were waiting for a few stragglers and giving a pep talk to the riders that had yet to brave the Pali descent (it features traffic, nasty wind through two narrow lane tunnels, traffic, tight turns, and did I mention, heavy fast traffic? I was really glad to make the decent in a group of 20 rather than alone (which I’ve done before and been driven to recite a few Hail Mary’s afterward).

The rest of the ride was fun. I saw my friend Troy, who was among the first athletes to join my training group when I first started coaching in 2006, and Rachel Ross, a star triathlete who is stubbornly remaining a top amateur after years at the front of the field. So we got to catch up with the happenings of the past year. It seemed like a nice casual weekend ride, until at one point, while climbing a long steep ridge Troy yelled, “How are you still talking!?” I looked down at my 705 and realized that we were on a 14% grade and everyone was mashing their pedals in a grave tempo. I was just so excited to see my friends that the conversation made me forget that my legs were laboring away. It’s really good to be back in Hawaii!

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