Tour de France: Thor scores monumental mountain victory


@Jodykepple: Hear Thunder rumble/And see the mountains crumble/A rainbow triumph
@frivlas: We loved watching Thor / riding for Garmin today / back in yellow soon!
@SteveDinn: Mighty Thor, mountains And rivals are destroyed when You drop your hammer
@chasemoore: THOR, god of thunder/ his legs split mountains in two/ his bike, his weapon.
@fidajapanissa: A holy spring/Changes the hammer/Into a rainbow
@Peleccotur: Thor climbs/ Mountain sinks/ Viking victory cry!
The Strength of Team/Is felt in the Thunder/His presence known
@TheGreatLakes: The rainbow climbs higherwhile pyrenees trembleas the thunder rains down
@aschoks: The God of Thunder / Nobody can hold his wheel / Thor dominates all
@i_soule: Sun shining in France – Norwegian power and grace – Drop it like it’s hot
@aegolius14: Aubisque mountain tall, thunder pilgrimage to Lourdes, rainbow swift past king
@joe_bayliss: a storm of wheels comes, on the col a thunderclap, the god’s rainbow shown
@alvynmcq: down thors hammer rotor ring translates into vicious power to win
@ExhaustedDaddy: mortals left behind, mountains cannot slow this one, Hail, God of Thunder!

And the winners are (drumroll, please…)

@holmanjohn: Thor he rides so fast, Others try to ride on past, But they cannot last!
@Netsnipe: Fast and Thorious / Pyrenees down to its knees / Thor’s victorious!

Check out the team’s Edge data as posted to Garmin Connect – such as Thor’s Stage 10 stats below – and be sure to follow @Garmin and @Ride_Argyle on Twitter and visit for in-depth race reports.

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