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  Approach S6

As you watch the first major at home or at your local golf course this weekend, we know what you will start thinking about. How can I improve my swing? What’s the best way to get my yardage on the course? How will I lower my handicap? With the Approach S6, there’s now a tool you can wear on your wrist that shows this information. Below are just a few of the features that will help this season. 




SwingTempo and TempoTraining

The Approach S6 measures your backswing and downswing times and displays this as a ratio. According to studies of successful golf swings this ratio should be 3:1 – your personal swing tempo compares you to the “optimal ratio.” Using this on the driving range will get you in the right rhythm before hitting the links. Without a proper tempo it could be a struggle throughout your round. 


Swing Strength



SwingStrength allows you to compare how hard you swing with a normal full swing. This can be used on the driving range to practice consistent ball striking or if you’re preparing to hit a long drive on the course.





Get full-color hole-by-hole details for 38,000 international courses, even before you play them. Preview doglegs, hazards and green shapes from wherever you are on the course, or even from home. Looking at a course from a different perspective on your wrist might give you a new insight into the hole.  


Precise Yardages

Precise Yardages

One glance at your wrist from any point on the course is all it takes to get yardages to the front, back and middle of greens with clear, easy-to-read numbering. Having these yardages cuts down on looking for yard markers scattered across the fairway.

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