The World Traveling Trio: The Sweitzer Family



Traveling around the world is a feat that very few get to experience in their lifetime. The notion of quitting your job and hitting the road to places you’ve never been is quite a stretch for most people, but not for the Sweitzer family. The Sweitzers decided one day it was time to make a change. They were established in their successful careers, owned a house, cars, multiple businesses, had family pets and a daughter enrolled in school full time. They got rid of all their material things, quit their jobs and decided to homeschool their daughter Sadie so they could pursue their dream. As Steve Sweitzer said, “we have reached a point in our lives where we are interested in collecting experiences, not things”.

Some may think their decision was rash, but we like to think of the Sweitzers as inspiring. We believe their story lets you believe that it is never too late to be adventurous and change your life. You are never too old or too tied down to live outside the box. While many of you may never uproot your life, look to pursue new passions, use all your PTO this year or refocus your life. 

On July 7th the Sweitzers will begin their adventure in the United States. They will go through the southwest, most likely head to Zion National Park and end up in Laguna Beach where they will launch their international adventures. They will create and share videos, photos, and blog articles throughout their two-year journey using Garmin products. The adventure is about to begin so don’t miss out.




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