The Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride



Wet from the rain, exhausted and drained, he buys beef jerky, trail mix and candy bars from a gas station to refuel before heading back on the route. He checks his eTrex 20 to confirm he is on track and gauge his mileage. He pedals on through beautiful scenery and meets up with other riders at the end of a long day. For 31 days, these occurrences came to be typical for Greg Goodman as he conquered a 2,768.4-mile journey on the Great Divide Mountain Bike ride.

This race began June 12, in Banff, Canada and Goodman arrived in Antelope Wells, New Mexico on July 13. Free from sponsorships and prizes, the race encompassed the endurance of cycling, camping and navigating the route. During the 31 days it took Goodman to complete the route, he tested his physical and mental limits.20150625_203512

“You find out that even though things start getting tough, you’re tired and you don’t feel like you can pedal anymore, it gets bad, but it doesn’t stay bad forever, its going to get better,” said Goodman. “When it does get better, it feels really good and you have that sense of accomplishment.”

Only about 10 percent of the route is paved, and the rest is all single track or forest roads, leading Goodman to spend the majority of his time before the race training in Colorado. Not only did he spend hours on the bike, he also worked out in the gym and took HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes.  Goodman said his training was about “accepting the hard work and being able to do it multiple days in a row”.

One of Goodman’s favorite parts of the race was the instant connection he made with the other riders. “It was like you’ve known them for a long time,” said Goodman. He went on talk about the similarities they shared from the types of bikes, to emotions and injuries, and the mental aspect of the race.


We congratulate Goodman on his accomplishments and we are proud to say the eTrex 20 helped guide him to the finish line and achieve his goals. 

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