Oh Baby! Running with the Forerunner 225 Post Pregnancy


I waited until I was 9-weeks postpartum to go on my first run. Better late than never, right? I put on my Forerunner 110 and went on a 2-mile run without stopping. It was hard, but it felt great to be running again. But after not having run – or done anything physical – for several months, I found it challenging to determine my new “normal” without over- or under-doing it. While I love my son more than I knew possible, nothing about the changes that happen to your body after having a baby feel normal. I realized quickly that I was kidding myself for hoping I'd be able to pick up where I left off right out of the gate… 

I spent the hours and days after that first run in a lot of pain. I knew I had overdone it and I realized that if I was going to start running again, I needed to be smarter about it so that I wouldn’t wince every time I walked up and down our stairs with a baby in my arms. That’s when I found the Forerunner 225, my favorite new post-baby running partner. Not only does the Forerunner 225 track distance and pace like I had grown accustomed to with my 110, but it also tracks steps, calories AND heart rate. 

IMG_5239I really liked that the heart rate feature on the 225 is wrist-based (one less thing for me to put on before a run) and that the HR zone is shown right on the watch face while you run. During my first run with the 225, it confirmed that I was indeed overdoing it. I went from feeling good in the aerobic zone, to having to work harder in the threshold zone…to reaching my maximum intensity zone quite quickly. For the remainder of that run, and every run following, I paid closer attention to my heart rate and slowed down more often to maintain a healthy zone. Gone are the (pre-baby) days of using my Garmin to help me get a new 10K PR. I know I'll eventually get back to those types of runs, but for now, my Forerunner 225 is helping me focus on a whole new way of running. And I'm a healthier and happier new mama because of it.  

On the days that I’m not able to get a run in (let’s be serious – there’s no way to find time to run as much as I’d like to with a new baby at home), the 225 helps me meet my daily step goal, too. It doubles as an activity tracker and works indoors. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll show you some other ways I'm using the Forerunner 225 to help get back into shape after baby.


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