Team Garmin: One Week And Counting…


TeamgarminImg_0263_1Team Garmin will be going to sunny California in less than one week for the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll marathon,  The next time you hear from them, they’ll be at the starting line.

— Well it’s hard to believe a week from Sunday is the big day!!!  We have our last group run on Saturday then off to San Diego for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  The long run last week was a bit difficult… lots of  hills.  Once again thanks to the Forerunner 305 we were able to track time, distance and most importantly calories burned!    I did use the heart rate monitor for our last long run two weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by my overall heart rate.  I’ve really enjoyed having the Garmin during this training!  San Diego here we come!!!!!!

Molly — It’s less than two weeks until the marathon and I’m back in the game!  I did 12 miles this past Saturday.  My calves are pretty sore because I was a little hesitant for the first 2 miles and I ran on my toes.  But I stretched really well at the first water station and after that I was able to run the next 10 miles more comfortably.  After the 8 mile turn around, our pace group leader headed back, so I led the group using my 305.  It was very encouraging to be able to run again.  With less than 2 weeks left, I am starting to get pretty nervous for the big race!

Kate — Here we are, less than two weeks out from the marathon and I’m in a boot and on crutches!  An orthopedic surgeon said that I have peroneal brevis tendonosis.  Let me translate that – tendonosis means the degeneration of the tendon, and the peroneal brevis tendon runs under your foot and then up the outside of your calf.  I guess that gives some justification to my major pains.  Needless to say I missed the first 12-mile taper run.  I’ve been looking forward to the taper for 6 months and I had to miss the first short run!  My very wonderful doc, Dr. Snyder, is a tri-athlete himself, so he understands the goal and the ego behind any athlete.  So, at this point, we’re trying to heal me enough to be able to run (and finish) the marathon and then heal the problem later.  However, I have an MRI today, so that could change the “plan” if it shows something worse.  My Forerunner didn’t log any mileage this week – but I’m seriously hoping my next log will be 26.2.  Hopefully this special boot and the crutches will get me to the start/finish line.  Miracles can happen…

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