Memorial Day Thanks


Here in the United States, we’re celebrating Memorial Day, a day that honors the men and women who have died in the military while serving their country.  We’d like to salute and say thanks to all of those heroes who put their life on the line every day, all around the world.  And we’re proud to receive unsolicited testimonials from soldiers, sailors, and Marines who use our products in the line of duty.  Here’s a sampling of the types of letters we receive:

Hero2 I am currently serving on Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  I don’t go anywhere without my Foretrex.  My Foretrex provides me with accurate locations and allows me to track my routes & waypoints for future operations.  Given my profession, a light and comfortable GPS is a must.  This GPS provides that.  The interface cable allows me to connect the Foretrex 101 to the computer and log past operations and plan for the next.  "On Time – On Target"


Hero1 This testimonial is a bit overdue but one worth hearing.  My husband, based at Fort Hood, Texas, bought a Garmin Rino 120 in February 2004 in preparation for his deployment to Iraq.  On May 5, 2004 an IED explosion went off very close to the vehicle my husband was in.  Two young men were killed in the explosion and my husband was very seriously injured.  Once he had begun to recover a bit and his personal effects were returned to him, we discovered that apart from a slightly damaged screen, the Rino still works.  Here is a photo taken just a few days before the incident that injured my husband.  He was wearing it right where you see it in the photo (hanging near his heart).  That is where it always hung.  After a long road to recovery (still not completed, he has lost all the muscle tissue in his right arm and also has had his lower right mandible removed) he started to hunt and fish again and still uses that very same Garmin.  It is true; the Rino is really one tough piece of equipment that survived a major IED blast.  My husband LOVES his Garmin GPS.


Enjoy your Memorial Day, and please join us in a heartfelt thank you to those serving in our armed forces around the globe.

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