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TeamgarminHere’s the latest post from Daren, member of Team Garmin — a group of folks using the Edge 305 in training for Ride the Rockies, a grueling trek across Colorado.




OK, work is really cramping my style. I have been traveling so much in the past month that my training is really lagging. But I think I found a solution. Why not ride to work? After all,
May is National Bike Month and May 15-22 is National Bike-to-Work Week. So, I have decided to ride to and from work — a 44-mile round trip — for the entire month. Well, at least when I’m not traveling on business or hanging out on a beach in St. Thomas celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary (think my wife would mind if I took my bike to St. Thomas?).

Anyway, back to my ride to work idea. The first hurdle was to find a place to shower. Don’t think my colleagues would appreciate me showing up for meetings smelling like a … well, there’s really no way to describe the smell of a sweaty cycling jersey after it has dried, is there? Post a comment if you have any creative suggestions! Next obstacle was clothes. Do I bring my entire wardrobe in to my office or wear the same pants and shoes for the week and just change my shirt? (Guys can get away with that, you know). Finally, I had to find a route. Riding from Olathe, Kansas, to downtown Kansas City, Missouri, takes a little creative routing. I can’t just hop on I-35 like I do in my G-35 and put it on cruise control (I only have to make seven turns from my driveway to parking garage).

So, here’s my solution. First, I signed up for a one month membership at the Westin Crown Center across the street from my office. I got a locker there where I can store some clothes, but not an entire week’s worth. I figure I can get by with two pairs of pants, five shirts, socks, and shoes.

Monday morning, I loaded up my car with clothes and bike and drove to work. After a long day at the office I was ready to head home for dinner with my family. Doh! Forgot to allow the extra hour it would take to ride rather than drive. Oh well, quick call to the wife and was back in business (she’s used to it). Did a Superman phone booth change in my office, grabbed my bike and headed out.

Which brings me back to the route. I headed south on Gillham Avenue past the worldwide headquarters of Hallmark Cards. This was a pretty good call. The route took me past the unusual lawn ornaments in front of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art — the biggest shuttlecocks you’ve ever seen — and through the world-famous J.C. Nichols Plaza. From there I hopped on Ward Parkway for a peaceful ride past the large mansions lining Kansas City’s famous avenue. Doh! Not a great idea. After a few close encounters with horn-blaring motorists who obviously had NOT heard that May is National Bike Month, I diverted onto the side streets of the “Mission Hills gold coast” and wound my way south and west towards home.

I got home around 8:00, just in time to sit down for a spaghetti dinner with my family. Actually, I was an hour late, but they waited for me. I’m a lucky man. I have a wife and kids who support and encourage me as I set out on crazy adventures like Ride the Rockies, Ride MO for the Cure and Ride-to-Work. Of course, they think I’m nuts. But they still support me.

Got back on the bike this morning and found a better route down tree-lined side streets that avoids Ward Parkway but still takes me past beautiful homes, through the Plaza and hopefully safely to and from work for the next month. Check out my route and all 87 of the rides, runs, and triathlons I have posted on MotionBased. And check back next week to see if my bike (and my Edge, of course) make the journey to the islands!

Ride on!


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