Prop & Spinner: Enter/ Mark Shortcut


Prop & SpinnerLast week Spinner and I covered the page/mode button for the GPSMAP 396.  This week we are covering the enter/mark button that gives you the ability to select a choice that you have highlighted and marking a waypoint.  The mark portion of the button can mark a waypoint after pressing the button down for two seconds. You can mark either the current position of the aircraft or move the map cursor to a point on the map and mark that as a waypoint.  Pressing enter/mark can also help in de-clutter the map page by quickly pressing the button. The map will go through three levels of de-clutter -1,-2,-3. Each level is shown under the map zoom scale in the bottom right of the map page.  To display everything just keep pressing the button to increase the number until there is no number shown. Spinner asked how this can be helpful. Well when you are flying into a busy airspace the de-clutter feature can remove unnecessary information so you can see more important things like the airspaces or airports.

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