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The adventurous couple with a big dream to visit all 59 US National Parks in just one year is back with another trip update. Elizabeth and Cole have paused their careers, packed their bags, and hit the road to fulfill their dreams. This time the Switchback Kids visited Congaree National Park in South Carolina and had an unforgettable journey with a little help from their Garmin products. Here is Cole, in his own words, recounting their exciting journey inside Congaree. 

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Our visit to Congaree National Park was unique. Since flooding has put over 90% of the park's activities under water, we were forced to change our strategy a little bit. We tried this new thing called relaxation.

Even though we shortened our stay to three days in the park, we easily covered all the areas of the park that were open. The first day we hit the visitors center and set up camp. On day two we walked the whole half-mile of boardwalk that wasn't flooded and admired the gigantic state champion trees of the old growth forest. For the last day we got out our inflatable kayak and launched from the boardwalk and weaved in and out of trees on our tour of the floodplain. This paddle was a bit unnerving because everything looked the same and the floodplain stretched as far as you could see. It would've been very easy to get lost in just a few strokes. Luckily, I simply tracked our progress using Waypoints on my fēnix 3 and I was able to follow the course back to our starting point in no time.

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Each day we got to walk the only open trail – the Bluff Trail – on the 1-mile trek to our campsite. It was worth the effort to have the campsite all to ourselves.

Our visit to Congaree wasn't necessarily what we expected. But our slower pace allowed us to really soak in the beauty of the park and enjoy a more intimate (and relaxing) experience. And now we have an excuse to go back.

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The US National Parks attract outdoor adventurers from all over the world. The Switchback Kids will be experiencing most, if not all of them. Learn even more about their one-year adventure here and stay tuned for another post from Cole and Elizabeth in the following weeks. Don’t forget to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use #HaveNoLimits.

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