Save time and miles, gain fun and freedom


Save fuel, save time.
Whether you’re commuting or running errands, you need every trip to be efficient and hassle-free. GPS can get you there in the quickest or shortest route possible and even help you avoid traffic delays. Devices with traffic services can automatically route you around the trouble spots.

Small business is big.
Realtors, sales people and fleet owners go the extra mile when it comes to serving their customers. Find out how they make the most of every trip to save time and money.

“nüvi saves OSHA consultant many miles of drive time”

I drive about 450,000 miles a year as an OSHA consultant in and around the Carolinas and the East Coast. I have discovered that my nüvi has been saving me miles and gasoline. It has taken me from one point to another by ways and roads that I would never have used if I were using the old fashioned road map. Some of these roads are not even shown on regular road maps. It has also saved me time because I do not have to do any research on how to get from where I am to where I need to go. I paid over $1,000.00 for my nüvi and it has really paid off. Today it took me between two points 27 miles apart within my own area through roads I did not know would connect me. Without the nüvi, I would have driven several more miles, and it would have taken me more time and gasoline to get there.


A getaway that’s not far away.
Rising fuel costs have made “staycations” or short road trips a popular option. Find fun in your own backyard with activities like geocachinga high-tech treasure hunt using your GPS device. It’s a great way to combine technology with a healthy outdoor activity for adventure-seekers of all ages. Planning a short, economical trip? Maximize your sightseeing time by using GPS to look up attractions, restaurants and hotels and get turn-by-turn directions to every stop. Another fun use for GPS is photo navigation. It’ll redefine “sight seeing” and take you to landmarks near and far. Plus, you can post unique geotagged photos from your own trip for other travelers to discover.

Let’s hear your story.
Do you have a story to share with others about how GPS has saved you time and money or helped your business operate more efficiently? Submit your story here.

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