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Temps are starting to soar throughout the US with the hot summer months arriving. As you know, hot summer months are important training months for those fall races. Give yourself a break from the heat but not your training by hitting a cooler summer vacation destination. 

While there are many places to seek refuge from the heat, we’ve put together a short list of runner favorites to give you some ideas if you are thinking of taking a running vacation. Don’t put your Forerunner or yourself on hiatus!

Portland, Oregon– The Rose City is a hot bed for running no matter what time of year and in the summer, temps don’t usually rise much over 80°F. There are amazing paths along the Willamette River near downtown Portland. If you are looking for hill training, there is no shortage of paths. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are always ready in case it rains. Portland is an active town and you can easily find a group or trail by visiting the Oregon Road Runners Club site: prior to your vacation.

Boulder, Colorado– The home of some of the most stunning landscapes in the US, Boulder can vary from creek banks and flat areas to mountain trails and canyon roads. The Rocky Mountains make for a beautiful backdrop on your runs. Temps can climb into the upper 80’s on a few days but with the trees and shaded trails, it doesn’t have to feel that hot. Overall, temps don’t reach much higher than low 80’s. The high altitude might be difficult for some travelers and require adjustments, but the scenery makes up for it.   

San Francisco, California – When you are in the City by The Bay, take advantage of year-round running weather that typically never rises above 80°F. You will be able to find pretty much any type of run you are looking for. San Francisco offers excellent flat, paved routes around the city or gravel and dirt trails that offer scenic lookouts. We’ve heard you can spot buffalo as well as see a waterfall and the shoreline in Golden Gate Park. The are also plenty of steep inclines from the hills to offer you a great workout as well as plenty of parks that show off beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – The Twin Cities don’t usually get above 80°F in the heat of the summer. Minnesota provides amazing views of rivers, lakes, trees and even wildlife in certain places so it’s easy to forget you are in the city. We’ve been told some of the best spots to hit are Fort Snelling State Park, Lake Como and the Stone Arch Bridge. The variety is endless in this gem of the North.

What is your favorite US city to to run in during the summer months? Share your Forerunner wrist shots with us and your favorite spot in the background. Tag #UpForMore and the Garmin Fitness social media accounts for a chance to see your photos featured.

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