Run Baby Run! Staying Fit While Pregnant


Staying fit during pregnancy can sometimes be a challenge. Two of our Garmin Fitness ambassadors are pregnant and understand how to change your training while your body changes. They have decided to continue running throughout their pregnancy and are sharing their ups and downs when it comes to remaining active. Danielle Hartman (@daniellehartruns) is a former college and semi-pro soccer player. She is going into her third trimester and is expecting a little boy due on October 22, 2016.


I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and still going strong! Yes, that is not a joke and nothing but the truth. In fact, yesterday I ran 6.5 miles in the hot humidity averaging less than 8 minute pace per mile. Sometimes, I question myself and wonder how in the world did I just do that because I live in hot sunny Florida where the temperatures consistently rise throughout the hours, days, and weeks. Now please do not get me wrong, not every day is always a good day, but the amazing part of it all is that I keep pushing forward. Not because I have to; because I want to, as I have always been self-driven and excel on determination. Keep in mind, I practice safe running and my doctor supports my efforts 100%.

My fitness routine has stayed almost the same with minor changes. These changes have been proven to support my fit pregnancy as well as my overall well-being. Most importantly, I have to remember I am carrying a human as the baby’s health comes first in my book. Sounds silly but it’s the truth, which is why my number one rule is do not over do it! That is the first change. Before I got pregnant I would test my limits to see how far, fast, and long I could run. Overtime, especially within my first trimester, I learned that you can not do that because the body is changing drastically and will not be able to handle what you thought was your norm.

With that said, my routine has to start at 5:45 a.m. to get at least a 4-6 mile run in before the temperatures rise to 90+ degrees. Living in Florida my doctor was not a fan of the thought of me running in such temperatures as I promised him I would do it bright and early. I repeat this about 4-5 days out of the week outside. The other two days I walk with my husband and have a rest day, which I have found so important because you cannot run the body down as it is hard to play catch up. Very rarely, maybe once a week I will go to the gym and run on the treadmill, which I find so much easier on the body but my stubborn self-love to chase the sunrise.

For those that know me and follow me on Instagram, I am forcing myself to SLOW DOWN my pace. I still cannot seem to get it out of my head that it is ok to have a slower mile, I’M PREGNANT. It is an uphill battle because the speed miraculously is still there and it amazes me. Moreover, adding in interval sessions with my consecutive running has helped out tremendously and I highly recommend it.

Lastly, is SLEEP! I have to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep along with drinking so much water than the anticipated amount! It makes all the difference in my runs. I know this does not seem like much of a change but I know within a couple of weeks as my pregnancy progresses I will start to see some more changes.

Pregnancy is no different than the ups and downs we experience in life. For me personally, the toughest challenge running while pregnant is coping with a constant full bladder. I have had to change my routes so many times to a certain neighborhood that has portable toilets because by mile two I always have to go and make a pit stop. It really is annoying because I am halfway in to my run and not wanting to stop. Sometimes I could be on a roll and not stop and tough it out… BIG MISTAKE as I will never do that again.

Another factor that plays in the downside of running while pregnant is public eye with their opinions. For instance, I have been questioned by strangers, friends, and relatives scolding me that running is not safe you are hurting your baby nor is it healthy. I get many “you shouldn’t do that” or “why are you doing that?”. It never really upsets me because I know what is good for me and my baby. I respectfully tell the truth, which is simply, “every one is different and not all pregnancies are the same”. As for me, I was an athlete my whole life, therefore, continuing with the running will not put me and the baby at risk.

At this point those are the downfalls I have experienced, as running while pregnant has been wonderful. The upside of it is the constant support I have received from my family and social media! I have found that running while pregnant is a beautiful thing because the body is so amazing with the wonders of change and I have accepted it. Becoming an inspiration to many has truly made my experience enjoyable. When they see how passionate and honest I have been throughout my journey, it makes it all worth it!

For those who have experienced pregnancy, the unknown is what makes it scary especially when it is your first go around like me. Each week I face a new challenge and deal with it on my own. There is really nothing I had wished I would have known, because I am constantly learning and coping with the changes. Other than practicing safe steps your doctor asks you to follow, every pregnancy is different. My first trimester was rough because your body is changing the most. Second trimester has been great as I regained my strength and energy. I am moving in to the third trimester soon and will cope with those changes.

Yes, I do plan on running my whole pregnancy. Why? Well it’s the best feeling of accomplishment to be able to run while baking a human! Days I do not run my body feels off and yuck which tells me my body accepts the running. Best advice is to remain positive, after all every pregnancy is a blessing (mine is but I will not get in to that story) and listen to your body as I repeat, Do Not Overdo It!

My due date is October 22, and I found out the sex of the baby as early as 10 weeks, but it was later confirmed at our anatomy scan. My husband and I are having a boy and could not be happier to bring in another athlete in to the family – my husband and I both played at the University of Central Florida; I played soccer and he played for the baseball team. After college I went on to play for a semi-pro women’s team and he played in the MLB. Nonetheless, we are thrilled for our future little All-Star.

Each ambassador has worked with their doctor on training while pregnant. Every body is different – please consult with your doctor about staying fit while pregnant.

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