Quick Tips: Jason Christie Shares Scent Control Secret



By: Jason Christie

I bow hunt 99% of the time – the only time I rifle hunt is when I take my kids. One of my biggest concerns when bow hunting is scent, which also happens to be one of the toughest variables to control. Many years ago, I noticed that whenever I hunted out of a cedar tree, the deer didn’t smell me as much. When we get around cedars, we can smell it; so if we can smell it, the deer can definitely smell it. 

There is one thing that I will almost always do when walking to my tree stand. If I happen to get close to a cedar tree, I will actually back up into it as hard as I can, and just like a big bear would do, I’ll put the limbs under my arms and scratch my back on it. I just get that cedar smell all over myself. I really think that helps with covering up scent. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time.

In addition to that, I keep all of my hunting clothes in a big toolbox in the back of my truck, and a few years ago, I bought a big bag of cedar chips and I keep them at the bottom of the toolbox with my clothes. I used to use cedar limbs, but those would get dry and sharp and get in your clothes. The cedar chips last longer, work better, and don’t make a mess all over your clothes.

Next time you’re hunting deer and stumble across a cedar tree, release your inner bear and get up in there. You can thank me later.

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