Pushing Through Your Run


Pushing through run

Many times you have the greatest intentions when you put on your Forerunner to go for a run, but there are times it’s difficult to keep going. It can be something as simple as boredom while you are running or as serious as cramps that make you doubt you can finish your run. How you overcome the physical and mental blocks is what stands between you and your goal. We have compiled four tips to help you overcome the rough patches:

Keep a Rhythm – Count, listen to music, keep a beat in your head or count your breathing. Follow through with whatever way you prefer to keep time. This will distract you from overthinking your run and keep you pushing through your run to reach your goal.

Don’t Stop Running – It can be easy to convince yourself to take a small break when you’re running. You will try to talk yourself into walking a little bit instead of running. No matter what, just keep running. Even if you’re running slow, keep with it and you will be happy you did. If you stop running and shift to a walk, the end will seem to never come. 

Stay Positive - Much of running is a mental game. Having a positive mindset can tap into a whole new level of energy you didn’t know you had. It can push you to new limits and accomplish things you didn’t think you could.

Find Motivation – Running is a great time to reflect on the things you love most. Running is potentially the only time each day you will have complete peace and quiet. Thinking of whom you love or what inspires you will help you push through the intensity.

All of these tips should put you in a better mindset for the next time you run. Do you have tips on how to get through a tough run? Tag #UpForMore and the Garmin Fitness social media channels and share your tips!

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