Pro Triathlete Ben Collins on Planning a Season


BenHere is my step-by-step guide to creating a race schedule for the season:

  1. Create a spreadsheet with all the possible races on it, sorted chronologically by weekend.
  2. Figure out how many races you are able and want to participate in. It’s nice to include your significant other on this step.
  3. Go through and choose the best race from every weekend with more than one race.
  4. Find the races you definitely want to do and highlight them.
  5. If any of the highlighted races require qualification, make sure the qualifying race is highlighted.
  6. If you have too many races, remove some that you don’t “need” to do. Start with the ones you didn’t highlight, then the ones on bad weekends (do you really want to race on your wife’s birthday?) then take off any race with a course that just doesn’t suit you. Forerunner910XT_HR_100.3
  7. Continue removing races until you have only the number of races that you chose in step 2.
  8. Present this list to your family and ask for objections, then present to your coach.
  9. Last, be flexible. Plans change. Injuries happen, family stuff crops up. Racing should be part of a fun and active life, not an obstacle in it.

Hopefully this helps. Happy racing.


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