Pro Jason Lambert Interview: Part 2


Recently, we spoke with Garmin Pro Angler, Jason Lambert, about techniques for catching bedded bass. Today, we’re speaking with him about some of his go-to summer baits at his home lake as well as talking a little turkey hunting – something he finally found time for this year.

Garmin: What are your favorite baits to throw at Pickwick in the summer?

Jason: I’m a swimbait guy. I fish a swimbait and a crankbait primarily. Big 7” swimbaits … I fish a Castaic a lot, Basstrix, and I also like throwing a big 8” spoon. I actually designed one of those with Castaic under my signature line. While it was pretty late before it was available last year, I’m excited to see what it’ll do in the next week or two.

Garmin: We recently saw on your Facebook page that you got a turkey this spring. Tell us a little more about that!

Jason: The funny thing is, this is the first season I’ve hunted turkeys in about seven years. My fishing seasons have always conflicted with the prime strutting times but it just worked out this year. I’ve always enjoyed it, but the last several years I haven’t been able to make it work. Last year, we had such a late spring here that the birds didn’t start gobbling until the third week of April. By the time they started gobbling, we’d already gone to Beaver and back to Pickwick right before the cutoff for the off-limits period, so I just missed it the last couple years. But I enjoy it when I get the chance!

J.Lambert turkey

One of the turkeys Jason shot this spring.

Great job on your hunt, Jason!

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