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Here’s another post from “AG,” an iQue M3 user located in Prague, Czech Republic. He’s now bringing the convenience and power of WiFi to his M3, with some pretty amazing results:

It’s good to know that when the M3 has finally led me to where I’m going, I am still able to keep in touch with the place I left. In my line of work, one of the necessary evils is e-mail. Of course, whenever I’m out of the office, I don’t want to lug my laptop just to check what has happened while I’m away and it gets expensive to use a cell phone to keep in touch with my family from the road. However, I’ve found a way to stay in touch with the office and family via wi-fi from the comfort of any number of cafés or airport lounges sporting a wi-fi hotspot.

For under $75, I purchased 802.11b standard wi-fi card made by a company called Spectec. I found mine on eBay, but a quick web search for the model number SDW-820 should list several vendors.

The card itself is a great size and has a great range. The drivers come right with the card on a CD-ROM and setup was pretty easy. However, if you have never tackled anything to do with wi-fi, you might want to study up on your router settings and manual before you begin. Don’t forget to visit the Spectec page in order to install the latest driver. After navigating some tricky security settings on my home wi-fi router, the payoff was Internet connectivity in the palm of my hand – wherever there’s a hotspot.

With the help of the Windows Mobile Internet Explorer that comes pre-packaged with every M3, I can browse the web, send messages to my friends in family during long business meetings and just generally feed my web habit. Having wi-fi on my M3 is one of those inventions that comes along every once in awhile. An invention that you could live without. However, after you have it, you wonder what you ever did without it.

It’s nice to know a device that can guide you to the far corners of the world can make you feel so close to home.

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