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Forerunner’s multi-sport mode allows you to switch between sport modes and still view your total time and distance. Let’s say you’re doing a brick workout consisting of a run-bike-run in preparation for a duathlon. Side note: ever wondered why they’re called “brick” workouts? One theory is it’s because your legs feel like bricks when you hop off the bike and start running again. So true.

To set up auto multi-sport, press mode to get to the main menu. Select trainingauto multisport. The next screen will list 3 sports — other, biking and running. To change the first sport to running, highlight the first entry, press enter, select “edit leg” and select “running” from the list. You can also add or remove sport legs, depending on the type of workout you plan to do. Next, you can choose whether you want your overall time to include transitions (the time you spend going from one sport to the next). In a race, your transition time is included in your official race time. After a few races, and fumbling with shoes and gear, you’ll learn how to trim your transition time — it’s all part of the excitement and challenge of the sport.

For training, it’s up to you whether to include transition time or not. In this example, let’s include transition time. To start the run workout, press “start multisport” and then press “start” when you’re ready to run. Forerunner will show your “multi time” which will be the total time for your workout. You can still access the main timer or pages you’ve customized for running by pressing the up/down arrow keys. When you’re done with the run portion, press “lap”. On the multi-sport screen, “TI”, for transition #1, appears in the sport data field. When you’re ready to start the bike portion, press “lap” to end the transition time and begin the next sport. After you finish the bike segment, press “lap” to start the transition time, then “lap” again when you’re ready for the final run portion. At the end of your workout, press lap again and then bask in the glory of completing your multi-sport workout!

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