Peg’s Posts: Interval training with Forerunner 210


210 Run, rest, repeat 6 or 8 or more times. It’s a formula I don’t follow as often as I should, but there’s no doubt speed intervals make a difference on race day. And since my next race, the Rock’n’Roll Arizona half marathon, is coming up in about a week, I’ve been trying out the interval feature on my Forerunner 210. While the 210 shares all the easy-to-use features of the 110, the interval workout feature is one of the distinguishing differences. This feature lets you set up intervals based on time or distance and then specify the workout and rest periods. You can also select whether you want to include warm-up or cool-down time. Once your workout is set up like you want, press start and get moving. The Forerunner 210 screen will display your total distance, interval distance, interval number (02/03 indicates you’re on the 2nd out of 3 intervals) and current pace. There’s no need to hit the lap button — the 210 keeps track and updates the screen when you complete each interval and it’s easy to see this info at a glance. During rest periods, the screen displays a countdown (distance or minutes) to your next set. A pleasant little beep even lets you know when you transition between rest and workout intervals. Besides making it easy to track your performance on speed workouts, I’ve also found the 210 keeps me from ditching that last set. If my watch is keeping track, it would kinda be like cutting class or letting down my “coach.”

If you’ll be in Phoenix next weekend for Rock’n’Roll Arizona, come see me at the Garmin booth at the expo on Saturday. And if you’ve been waiting to upgrade to the Forerunner 210, 410 or another device, bring in your old GPS-enabled Forerunner and get a $25 discount on a new one. Trade-in units will be donated to Girls on the Run.

Here’s how my last interval workout looked in Garmin Connect. This was done indoors on a treadmill, with the foot pod tracking my distance.

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